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Our mattress, your nap buddy, ensures you that stress free sleep you’re looking for by providing complete comfort, absorbing excess body heat, long term durability and being 100% chemical free.

Natural latex foam is processed rubber tree milk. Usually, mattress brands in the markets having beds that usually only comprise of partial latex materials are promoted as natural mattresses. But Mellow green is the first brand to provide cost effective 100% natural latex products.

Every mattress comes packed in a laminate waterproof cover covered by a cardboard box in accordance to the ordered mattress size. A set of 2 Pillows packed in organic Jute Bags are provided complimentary with every purchase of mattress.


Mellow Green was started as Sri Maruthi enterprises in the year 1994, with an experience in the field of mattress sales for more than two decades, mellow green has ventured now in the production of Mellow Green natural latex mattress, which is for the current metropolitan region, an utmost necessity.


Natural latex foam is made from rubber tree sap, also known as rubber serum. After the serum is collectedfrom the tree, the sap is whipped into a froth and baked into sheets of rubber latex layers. These layers of latex sheets are combined together to make the cosy and comfortable mellow green mattresses.


Sleep is a crucial requirement in every person’s daily routine. And a peaceful sleep is essential for the well being of a person. Latex products are natural and bestow a much healthier sleep as compared to the corresponding products of foam and coir amongst others. Latex is also 100% bio degradable, unlike memory foam, and the manufacture process is completely chemical free. Latex products relieve the user of physical stress like back pain, and neck pain and are naturally allergen free.