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What is a natural mattress?

Natural mattress is manufactured from 100% natural latex, without the use of chemicals

What is Latex?

Natural latex foam is made from rubber tree sap, also known as rubber serum. After the serum is collected from the tree, the sap is whipped into a froth and baked into sheets of rubber latex layers.

Why are the Mattresses more costly compared to other mattresses?

The other mattresses that you see are memory foam mattresses, our product is 100% natural latex mattress. Latex is much more expensive than foam, hence our mattresses are costlier than foam mattresses. We are however striving to make our mattresses more cost effective, but we are the most economical when it comes to natural latex mattresses, we promise!

What is the difference between a memory foam mattress and latex mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are processed using chemicals and VOCs, which are harmful when exposed to longer periods. Imagine sleeping in a chemical laboratory! Scary? That is why, we suggest a natural latex mattress, which is completely chemical free and made from materials available in nature, rubber milk. Natural latex mattresses are safe for children and pregnant women. Latex is also 100% bio degradable, thus making our mattress environment friendly.

How long do Mellow Green mattresses last?

We are offering a 20 years warranty for our mattresses. Yes! That is how confident we are. When we say it is your nap buddy, for life, we really mean it.

What if I do not like the Mattress?

We are offering a 100 nights trial period, if you do not like the mattress, you can always return it and we will refund your amount.

Is Mellow Green Mattress safe for children?

Absolutely, since no chemicals are used in the manufacture of our latex mattresses, it is 100% safe for infants, children and pregnant women.

How do Mellow green Mattresses feel?

Our mattresses are designed to adjust to the body weight and size of the user. It is neither too soft nor too hard, but it is firm and fits to the curve of your back.

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